People offten ask if we raise our own Worms


The answer is yes. We feed our worms a diet of corn, wild birdseed. chicken laying mash, alfalfa, kelp and ground oyster shells

People often ask is we raise our own worms

Yes we do - our worms are fed products that are free of animal waste. Our worm chow consists of corn. wild bird seed. chicken laying crumbles, alfalfa, kelp and ground oyster shells as well as sand for grit.


How do I use the worm tea?

The worm tea is a concentrated liquid that when mixed with non-chlorinated water provides thousands of microbes to the soil and roots of your plants. the concentrate can be mixed as weak a one part tea to ten parts water , for more dramatic results use 1 part tea to 5 parts water- use this mixture everytime you water your plants. Using your tea in a spray bottle use a 1 part teat to one part water mixture - this can be sprayed on your plant leaves as a foliar feed as well as a natural insecticide. You will never have to worry about using too much tea or burning your plants because you are feeding the plant and earth microbes.

Storing Worm Tea

When you get your worm tea home - find a secure place to store it and Take the cap off. This allows the bottle to breathe as the microbes need oxygen. If you don't use all of your tea in the first week - place a pinch of sugar into the bottle - put the cap on and shake - take off the cap and place the bottle back to its secure location. This should give your tea about a 3 week shelf life. Always smell your tea before mixing with water and applying it to your plants - if it smells rancid - do not use it on your plants on your plants - throw the remainder down the drain - get fresh tea

How Do I use worm Castings?

When transplanting seedlings place a handful of castings at the bottom of your transplant hole - place your plant in the hole with the roots in contact with the worm castings. Fill in around the plant with earth. Once your plant has taken to its new home you can top dress the area around the plant stem and water the castings immediately. When you water the castings the microbes will be made available for the roots and the surrounding soil.You will never use too many castings and they will not burn your plants.